About us

At Meltmann Sp. z o.o. our higher priority is to produce high quality products, which will meet the expectations even the most demanding customers.

From many years we are the only producer in Poland, who produce spare parts and other components for Hot Melt adhesive systems, compatible with main producers, that is: Nordson®, Robatech®, ITW Dynatec®, Melton®, Meler®, Inatec®, and other.

Moreover we have the biggest depot of spare parts in Poland or even in these part of Europe.

Our company was established in 1994. Such big experience allow us to produce high quality products, what can be proved by the amount of companies which cooperate with us. Our products are great components for producing machinery from all over the world.

Our engineers and technologists are both, develop and improve our products, and construct brand new products, which are based on the customer’s order which are customized for specific work conditions.

Apart from standard and individual components we can offer our customers professional technical consulting and services connected with complex review and service of Hot Melt adhesive systems.

Meltmann - parts manufacturing


Constantly from 1994 we are producing parts and components for Hot Melt adhesive systems.

Meltmann - fast growing company

Development company

Each year we are expand the offer of our products and introduce technical innovation.

Meltmann - warehouse


We have one of the biggest stock of spare parts in Europe.

Meltmann - global range


We distribute our products all over the world.

Meltmann - top quality

Quality control

Each product is thoroughly tested before selling.

Meltmann - fast delivery


Delivery of the standard orders from 24-48 hours, or even personal collection on the same day.

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